Just like a real library, resources have been catalogued in different ways to make your search fast and efficient! Here are four ways you can search for resources within Teachables.

Keyword search

  1. This is located at the top of the Teachables library. We recommend using shorter amounts of words to help populate a more accurate list of search results. 
  2. Click on the year level filter.
  3. Select your year level range to search content that is relevant to the levels you are teaching, if required.
  4. Hit the search button to find resources relevant to your area of need.

Quick access buttons

You’ll find these in the top left-hand corner of any page in Teachables. This gives you easy access to the latest releases, specials and freebies (if you’re not a subscriber) in Teachables, as well as special category resources like ‘Learning at Home’ packs.

Learning Areas

Located to the left below your Quick Access Buttons, click on any of these buttons to search for content specially aligned to specific curriculum areas. Once you’ve clicked on a learning area you can then fine tune your results by topics, level, and themes.


Moving interstate or country? You can align Teachables to your new local curriculum. Simply click on this box to switch between the New Zealand, Australian or curriculum Victorian, as well as the New South Wales Syllabus.

Don’t see your local curriculum? Hit the ‘Contact Us’ button to reach out for a chat.


Located at the bottom of your left side-bar. Simply click on the arrow to open up the themes list and view content that’s relevant to particular ideas and popular school wide subjects.

For iUgo Planner and ultimate subscriptions you can search for resources from your unit plan! Learn how here.