You can access high-quality bite-sized resources via the Filebox icon in your planning. To help save even more time, Teachable’s resources will be filtered down to specific learning areas and levels in a unit plan.

1. Click on the Filebox icon anywhere in your planning.

2. Click on Teachables. In your unit plan iUgo Teachables will filter through resources that align with the focus Learning Area(s) and Level(s) of a lesson.

3. Select add to cart to begin the process of purchasing any Teachables.
If you are subscribed then you will have unlimited access and could add the item directly to your planning.

4. If you are not subscribed to Teachables, select 'Purchase Items from Teachables'.

5. Enter card details once you are happy with your order, then select 'Complete checkout'.The purchased Teachables will be directly linked to the specific lesson. Your purchase will also be stored in your Filebox for future use.