As your collection of resources in your Filebox grows, you’ll find it easier to locate resources if you create a folder system to store them, much like you would with any electronic device.

Creating a folder

Organise all your resources the way you want. To create a folder by clicking Add New Folder.

Write a name for your file and select Save.

You can then drag and drop Teachables you’ve downloaded into the file. Have you purchased ebooks from Essential Resources before? You can access and organise them here too.

Download and go with Teachables

To download to your computer or print your resources, click on the resource you need.

Then click 1. Download, 2. Rotate, 3. Download or 4. Print

Want a quick way to highlight your favourite Teachables? Click on the star to bookmark the file.

Learn how to upload resources that aren’t Teachables to your Filebox here.