Creating a link between your unit plan and timetable helps you get the most out of the program by synchronising lesson notes to your Daily Planner. Then you can use the Daily Planner to not only view your lesson plans for the day but you can also edit and add to those notes which will save back to the Unit Plan.

Creating the link in your Daily Planner

1. In the blue menu at the top of the page click to open your Daily Planner.

2. The Daily Planner will automatically populate your timetable from your weekly planner. If nothing is showing either adjust the dates at the top of the page or go to your weekly planner to create your timetable.

3. In each event for the day you will see the words Add Plan at the top right hand corner.

4. Click on the words Add Plan and a pop-up will show that displays a list of plans available in that term. Tick the box next to the plan you wish to add and click Save.

5. Your Daily Planner will now display the lessons associated with that Unit Plan. Any edits you make to the teacher notes or next steps notes will automatically save back to the Unit Plan.