iUgo aligns your digital planner to school term dates. This means the unit plans, lessons, long term planner, and schedules appear and are laid out accordingly.

If you need to change these school term dates follow the steps below.

Please note that if you are subscribed as a whole school, that only a school admin can adjust the school term dates, please reach out to us if you are unsure who your school admin is.

If you or any other user connected to your school has already started planning within the term, please contact us to make changes to your term dates. This is so we can move your planning to the correct dates - for example, if you have planning in week 1 then change the date of week 1 that planning becomes hidden unless we move this for you.

1. Click on Settings in the left blue menu:

2. When the Settings page loads, click on School Terms.

3. On the School Terms page, you will see lines 1. 2. 3. 4. these stand for terms 1, 2, 3, 4.  The dates on the column to the left of the page is the term start date and the column to the right of the page is the term end date.

Make your changes and click Save.