If multiple teachers are in the same unit or inquiry plan at the same time then the collaboration notifications feature will activate. This enables you to see any new or on-going changes made by another teacher and refresh your page so you can see the latest version of your shared plan.

You will see the initials of the other teacher appear on the top right hand corner of the blue menu.

By clicking on their initials you will open the collaborators pop-up box to the bottom right hand side of your screen, this will remain open until you decide to close it.

Anytime another has edited a section of the plan you will see a notification within this pop-up and the option to refresh your view so you can see the latest changes. 

You will know that there are no new changes to the plan when you can't see the 'Refresh my View' button in the pop-up box.

You will receive notifications for any part of the unit plan that has been adjusted which content changes, template adjustments, or uploaded resources.