*Teachables only subscribers*

As part of your Teachables subscription you have access to a smart digital weekly timetable builder, it’s a handy tool that allows you to:

  1. create a lesson timetable and schedule lessons in a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis
  2. work on a 6+ day rotating timetable if needed
  3. colour-code subjects after you’ve created and saved Event Types in your list
  4. schedule and attach Teachables to your planner so you know when to use specific worksheets.

Sign into your iUgo Teachables account and click on Schedule in the menu then select Weekly Planner.

Click anywhere on the white calendar grid to start creating new events – a pop-up will appear where you can set up the Event type (subject you are teaching), Frequency and days, timeframe, notes and resource attachments.

By clicking on the ‘Add filebox resource’ button you will see any resources you have saved from Teachables and be able to attach them to your events.

If you haven’t saved anything – simply click on Teachables within the Filebox pop-up to browse the library.

Once you have created your timetable, click on the single events to save notes or add more resources, you can also click to hold and drag the event to a new time as your timetable changes.

If you’re looking to edit your timetable settings or personalize the events types list – click on the cog at the top right-hand corner of the weekly planner.

To learn more about using your Teachables with other classroom programmes, click here.