In the Weekly Planner there is a cog at the top right-hand corner which gives you access to Settings and additional features.

When you click on the cog this list will appear.

Old Weekly Planner
 opeSwitches the view back to the historic weekly planner view.

This opens your weekly planner set-up, here you can adjust the day start and end time, 12 hour or 24 hour preference, displaying times on every event, and if you wish to see the series editor each time you open an event.

Manage Timetables
This is where you can create and manage multiple timetables, for example you could create a second timetable for a CRT relief teacher or create a third collaborative school timetable for shared events.

Manage Event Types
When you create an event you can choose from a dropdown list of school event types, if you wish to edit, remove or add to this school list, you can do so by selecting this option.

Search Content
This tool enables you to run a keyword search over all of your planning documents and weekly planners.

Copy Schedule
This setting enables you to make a copy of your timetable in one term and re-use it in another term. You can also make a copy of your timetable for another teacher in the school.