In the Unit Plan there is a cog at the top right-hand corner which gives you access to additional features along with options to change your unit plan and lesson preferences.

When you click on the cog this list will appear.

Plan Setup
This opens your plan set-up page that you initially see when you create a new plan. In the set-up you can amend the timeframe, add teachers as collaborators, or change the learning areas and levels.

Unit Plan

  • Copy Unit - create a copy of your unit to re-use in future planning, or create a copy if you wish to change the plan or lesson template.
  • Share Unit - create a copy of your plan and share this with other teachers for their own classroom planning.
  • Delete Unit - delete this unit plan from your account (unit plans can be recovered at any time if there is an accidental deletion).

Lesson Plan

  • Copy Day - create a copy of your lesson for one day to copy into another day.
  • Copy Week - create a copy of some or all of your lessons for another week(s).
  • Clear Week - empty the lesson content for the week you have open.
  • Delete Week - Remove all of the lessons and content for the week you have open.

Lesson View 

  • If you are using the weekly lesson template - this provides an option to view your weekly lessons in the default horizontal view or switch to the vertical view.
  • If you are using the sequential lesson template - this provides an option to view your sequential lessons in the default two column view or switch to one column or two column content view.

Zero Day (weekly lesson template only)
This provides an option to create a zero day and push out all of your lesson notes by one day. You can also remove zero days.

Note Editor
Switch between the default in-line note editor or select the pop-up editor.

Show plan sections
Recover any sections of the unit plan you may have hidden or add in more customisable sections to your unit plan.


  • Hide Filebox Resources - this will hide your filebox resource links on the plan or lesson.
  • Hide Filebox Resource Thumbnails this will hide any thumbnails you have created for resources.
  • Hide Weekly Planner Reminders - this will hide weekly planner notes or links to the plan and the weekly planner.