Access the Copy Schedule feature within the settings of your Weekly Planner Schedule, this will enable you to create a copy of a schedule from one term to another. This completely copies all weeks within a chosen term, you also have the option to choose if you would like to copy across the notes you've typed into events and any attached resources.

There is also an option to create a copy of the Weekly Planner Schedule to another teacher, which is handy if they follow the same timetable structure as you.

To begin creating the copy, follow the steps below:

1. Open your Schedule and select Weekly Planner from the left blue menu:

2. Navigate to the term you wish to create a copy of by using the navigation buttons or use the pencil icon to select a specific term:

3. Now select the cog icon at the top right-hand corner of your Weekly Planner and select Copy Schedule:

3. A pop-up will come up on screen asking where you would like this copy to go. Here you can select a new term to create a copy for yourself or select another teacher and choose the same term if you wish to create a copy for someone else. There is also an option to copy across any notes and resources.