If you are unable to open your Google Drive in iUgo or get blank pop-ups when you click on the Google Drive icons then there could be an issue with third party cookies that are disabled in your browser settings.

Why are cookies helpful?
Cookies are files created by the sites you visit and they remember your site preferences.

How do I unblock my browser cookies?
1. In the browser Google Chrome you might see the following icon in the address bar (just next to the star icon for bookmarks).

2. When you click on the above icon there will be a message pop-up saying there are cookies blocked for this website. Click on the sentence highlighted in yellow below Show cookies and other site data...

3. You will then see a list of allowed and blocked cookies. In order to make Google Drive work, you will need to click on each of the cookies affiliated with Google and click Allow. When you click Done there will be a message asking you to reload the page.

*Please note that after the first page re-load you may get a blank pop-up when you select the Google Drive icon in iUgo. If you close this blank pop-up and click on the icon a second time it should open your drive.