This tool allows you to review what you have and haven't taught using the curriculum sections throughout your planning.

1. Go to Planning>Curriculum Coverage.

2. You will see the following filters on that page.

3. Choose your timeframe.

4. Select your classroom (you can choose from any classroom loaded into iUgo).

5. Choose your curriculum and sections (If you have more than one curriculum on your account they will show up in the drop down list).

6. Click on the box Learning Areas. You will get the following pop-up. Tick the learning areas you wish to review then click save.

7. Select your Levels.

8. The final step is to click Show Coverage. This will now load through all of your curriculum and class selections.

9. The text highlighted in yellow is what you have covered in your unit plans in the timeframe you selected. You will also see the unit plan linked to this content for ease of access.

*If you select Learning Outcomes from Section, you can review coverage down to group and student Level. These options will appear in the filters when you choose this section.

*The default setting in iUgo displays Achievement Objectives, Key Competencies, and Learning Outcomes in your coverage. If you would like to view more curriculum sections please follow the guide on the support page Can the Curriculum Coverage display other parts of my planning.