What happens?

When you create a zero day of your weekly lesson in iUgo it will ask you to choose your zero day (non-teaching day). Once this is saved it will push out all of your lesson content for one day.

E.g Create a zero day of the 9th of May. The lesson content for the 9th of May will be pushed out for tomorrow and all future lessons pushed out a day. It will not change your weekly or daily event set-up but the content of your lessons will move forward.

How do I set this up?

1. Go into the Unit Plan you wish to make a zero day for.

2. Click on the cog icon at the top right hand corner of your unit plan.

3. Select Create Zero Day

4. Select the date then click on the green button Create Zero Day.This will take a few moments to generate.

5. Your lesson content will now be moved one day forward from the date you have selected.

This zero day feature is only available on the weekly lesson plan layout.
You can also Remove a Zero Day to move all lessons backwards.

If you have created lesson content for the last day and week, iUgo will automatically push this into a new week and term if required.