1. Click Plans then Long Term Planner from the menu at the top of the page.

2. Click New+ to start a long term plan.

2. Give the Long Term Plan a Title, select any Collaborators, and choose your Timeframe.

3. In the next page that loads, click New Block+ to start adding your subject blocks and notes.

4. In your new block, add the following:
- Select an event from the event types list of type in a personal event type.
- Choose the week duration of the subject by adjusting the from and to week.
- Add your plan to create a hyperlink to your unit on the block.
- Add the subject description.
- Click save.

5. Continue adding Blocks until you have built your Long Term Plan.

Quick Tips

  • Change the time frame, title or add collaborators
    1. Click on the blue summary at the top of the long term plan you wish to edit. Make your changes and save.

  • Re-order the subject blocks
    1. Hover your mouse over the coloured subject block and you will see up and down arrows.
    2. Click on the arrows to move the blocks, this will automatically save.

  • Attach resources
    1. At the bottom of the plan you will see a paper clip and a Google Drive icon.
    2. Click on the paper clip to upload a file from your Filebox or your computer. Click on the Google Drive icon to load your Drive.

  • Edit a block
    Click on the block you wish to edit in the white section and the pop-up will come up where you can change the description, add or remove plans, or adjust the timeframe.

  • Add multiple blocks for the same subject
    Click to add a new block at the top right hand corner of your long term planner, when you select a subject that is already on the plan then it will automatically group them together.

  • Filter the blocks in your long term plan by subject
    At the top of your long term plan is a filter where you can choose to view one subject at a time, this is especially useful if you have a long term plan that spans over multiple terms.