1. To link your weekly lessons from within your plan click on Link to Daily and Weekly Planners

2. If you have collaborators on your plan then you can choose to schedule this lesson for yourself or for all collaborators (if you select 'For all collaborators on this plan' then you will all share the same Daily and Weekly Planner).

3. Choose your Event Type from the dropdown menu. (Event Types reference the subject or event that will show on your planner)
- If the Event Type is used regularly at your school but not on the Event Type list you can add it by going to Event Types in the top light blue menu.
- If the Event Type is one that is personal to you then add it to Personal Event Type. Then click in the Colour field to select a colour.

4. If you have already created an Event on your Weekly Planner and select that Event Type then you will be given the option the Link to Series or to Add New Series.

5. Once you have selected an Event type you can choose your frequency.

- Daily (for an event that runs every day)

- Fortnightly
- Monthly (once per month on the day you select)
- Once (a one off event)
- Periodic (for lessons that run at different times during the week or 6 day + timetable)

6. Select the days on which the event occurs.

7. Click on the clock icon to select the start and end time. If the event happens at different times of day during the week, you will need to Add New Series. For example, if you have Science from 10:30-11:00am, Mon to Wed, but from 11:40-12:00pm on Thurs, you would set up two series under the event heading Science. Your Science plan would be linked to both series.

8. Click the event's start date in the From field and completion date in the End field (the dates will automatically reflect the time frame of the plan e.g a ten week unit in Term 2 2018).

9. Click Save at the bottom of the page.