Create unit plans (with an inquiry plan layout feature) by following the steps below. You will initially see a plan set-up option to choose your preferred layouts, collaborators, and learning areas plus levels. This will keep your planning relevant to the preferences you select and guide you through the unit planning process.

To start a new Unit Plan, click Plans>Unit Plans from the blue menu.

Then click New and a plan set-up will pop-up then follow the steps below.

1. In the plan set-up give your plan a Title.

2. Select the Plan Type (Unit or Inquiry).

3. Select the Lesson View, either sequentially by lesson or day by day within a weekly view.

4. Drag the continuum to select the term and week(s).

5. Select Collaborate with (if you would like to share the unit with someone).

6. Select your class/es.

7. Select the Learning Area(s).

8. Select Level(s).

9. Click Save at the bottom of the plan set-up screen, which takes you to the Unit and Lesson Plan template.