Logins for non-teaching management staff can be provided at no cost as part of a school planner subscription, If you do not already have an account, contact one of our friendly team to set one up.

In the blue menu, there are 5 tools you can access to review teacher planning and curriculum coverage.

Unit Plans (unit and inquiry plans which contain weekly or sequential lessons)
Long Term Planner (term/year overview of subjects)
Curriculum Coverage
 (review parts of the curriculum have or haven't been taught)

Daily Planner (run sheet of lessons for the day)
Weekly Planner (lessons timetable and events scheduled for the week)

When you sign into iUgo:

Step 1. Go to any of the planning sections (Plans, Daily Planner, Weekly Planner, Long Term Planner) and you will find a teacher/timetable and date filter at the top of each page.

Step 2. Select a teachers name from the teacher/timetable filter to load a read-only copy of their planning.

*To open a unit plan and view lessons, click on the name of the plan, you can also leave notes/feedback by following this guide.

Step 3. iUgo always displays planning for the current date and term. If you wish to review planning in previous terms or years, click on the date filters.

Step 4. You can also use the Curriculum Coverage tool to review the parts of the curriculum have or haven't been taught for a classroom, group, or student. Please click here for a detailed guide.