You can add your own information to the following curriculum sections:

Key Competencies, Achievement Objectives, Values, eLearning, Thinking Skills, Underlying Concepts, Language Learning Contexts, Elements, Technology Areas and Contexts, The Arts: Skills and Techniques, Language Learning Proficiency Descriptors, Vocabulary, Principles and Learning Outcomes.

This content then remains in iUgo for you and your colleagues to apply to future plans.

1. Open any of the sections (outlined above) within your plan and then click on Edit.

2. In the edit view, select +Add next to the subject area or strand you wish to add content to.

3. Type your content in the 'New' field.

4. Select either Heading or Entry to describe your content.

5. If you are adding Achievement Objectives or Learning Outcomes - it will automatically be saved against the level of your plan. You can amend these levels by clicking Change. *Please note some sections like Values and Key Competencies are not level based and won't display the level options.

6. Then click the green save button to save this content into the list.

7. You can repeat these steps to make multiple additions to your list. Click Close Editor when you are finished.

*Please note:
Once you close the editor and return to the selection screen you won't be able to return and edit or remove saved content unless you are the school admin.