The Daily Planner provides an in depth view of your Weekly Planner. Access this by selecting Schedule then Daily Planner from the blue menu.

In the daily planner you can edit the Weekly Planner Reminder, Teacher Notes and Next Steps and this will update and synchronise to your Lesson Plan (to change Learning Outcomes or Filebox Resources, click the plan heading to open the plan and make your changes within it).

Quick Tips

  • Link your unit plan to the event
    At the top right hand corner of each event it will either display a plan if there is already one linked or add plan. Click on the add plan button to open a list of unit plans available for that term. Any notes you type into the daily planner will then synchronise and save to the chosen unit.

  • Change the day
    The top of your daily planner will display the date, click on the date itself to open a calendar or use the arrows to move between different days.

  • View a specific subject or class for that day
    The top of your daily planner will display a Event Type and Class/Group filter, click on these filters to drill down and view lesson content for a particular subject or class/group.

  • Remove certain lessons from an event
    At the top right hand corner of each lesson you will see an X button, click on this to remove the lesson (you can restore this at any time using the daily planner cog icon).

  • What are unscheduled plans?
    If you have created unit plans for the current term and not linked them to an event in the weekly planner then these will display as unscheduled plans in your daily planner.
    Click on the words show unscheduled plans, these will now show up as grey events. At the top left hand side of each event you can click on the words schedule, which will take you through the prompts of creating an event for the plan.

  • Alter the daily planner view
    By clicking on the cog at the top right hand corner of the daily planner, you can adjust the view by showing or hiding lesson content or specific lesson sections (e.g you may choose to display your daily planner to students and hide the section called next steps which may contain personal notes).