Missing planning:

iUgo files away planning from previous terms so you only see what's been created for the current term. You can use the filters displayed at the top of any planning page to review previous terms planning.

If you are having any trouble locating your planning, please contact us with the following details.

1. the plan name or weekly event name

2. your plan or weekly event time frame

Deleted planning:

You can recover any deleted plans that you own from within your account by following this guide.

If you have accidentally delete a weekly event or event series, then please contact us with the following details.

1. weekly event name

2. weekly event time frame

Error messages:

If you encounter red error messages while using iUgo, please contact us and mark the message as 'Something is broken'. To help us troubleshoot the error please try to include the following:

1. the day and time you received the error

2. The location in the planner where this error occurred (e.g in a unit plan)

You can contact our service team on 0800 087 376 between 8.30am and 5:30pm Monday to Friday. Outside of business hours and weekends we continue to operate an email support service at support@iugo.co.nz.