There are a couple ways you can enter reminders and lesson notes into your Weekly Events. 

Weekly Reminder Notes from your Unit Plan
If your Unit Plan is linked to the Daily and Weekly Planner then a new box will appear called Add reminder to Weekly Planner (please note the below image is the weekly lesson view). Any notes entered here will show on the Daily and Weekly Planner. Click here for a guide on how to link your Unit Plan to the Daily and Weekly Planners.

Adding notes into an existing event series

If you have already created your Weekly Event series then you can click into an event to add in notes for the day or notes that will show for the entire series.

1. Go to your Weekly Planner and click to edit one of the events.

2. You will enter an Edit Event screen. Edit Mathematics Event Mon 14th August on the left hand side allows you to make changes to this event for the day you have clicked on. Edit Mathematics Series Mon 24th July to Fri 8th September on the right hand side allows you to make changes that will affect the entire series.

3. To add lesson notes that are applicable for the day, use the text box on the left hand side of the page to enter your content and click Update.

4. To add lesson notes that will show for the entire series then click on the words Edit Series Note on the bottom right hand side and a new text window will appear.

5. Type your series note into this box then click Finish Editing Series Note then lastly click Update to save your changes.

Adding notes to a brand new series

When you create a new event in the Weekly Planner you have the option to add in a note that will appear for the entire series.

1. Go into your Weekly Planner and double-click anywhere on the grid to open the Create Event pop-up.

2. Set your Event Type and timeframe.

3. At the bottom of this pop-up you will see Reminder Note for Series.

4. Type your notes into this box and click Save and these notes will appear on all of your Weekly Events.


If you have linked a Unit Plan to the Daily and Weekly Planner - any notes that you enter into a Weekly Event will automatically synchronise back to your Unit Plan. These notes will show on the Weekly Planner Reminder box in your Unit Plan.

How do I set up a Event Series?