iUgo has its own cloud storage facility which can accomodate up to 500MB of files, whilst Google Drive provides 15GB storage.

iUgo Filebox benefits:
1. You can keep your resources stored alongside your planning.
2. Each time you upload a resource into your planning this will automatically store an online copy in the Filebox.

3. The Filebox is great for teachers who are new to online tools as it is simple to navigate your folders and resources.

4. Any E-books that are purchased from Essential Resources are automatically stored in the Filebox.

Google Drive benefits:

1. A much larger default storage size.

2. Open your resources directly from links made to Drive.

3. Any changes made to files in your Drive is live so this will be up to date when you use the link in your planning.

If you have been using the Filebox and approaching the size limit you can consider the following options:

1. Downsize your file size by compressing the size of the images.

2. Move your resources to Google Drive as iUgo has integration with Drive and you will be able to link your resources the same way.

3. Buy more storage space for your iUgo account.