You have the ability to make a student inactive which will remove them from the classroom list, you can make that student active again in future if they were to return to your class. The second option is to delete a student which will remove them completely.

1. Go to Students>Students

2. Click on the name of the student you wish to remove from the class list.

3. Once in your student details look for the Is Active tick box and untick it, then click Save. To remove a student completely click on the option Delete which is at the bottom of your student details.

4. If you make your student inactive it will take you back to the classroom list where you will no longer see this student. If you would like this student to appear back in the list then click on the green button Show Inactive.

5. Your classroom list will now show Active with a tick next to the students who are currently in your class list. Look for the student you would like to make active again and click on their name.

6. Once in the students details look for the Is Active tick box and tick it then click Save.