At the end of each year iUgo displays an End of Year Wizard in your dashboard. Follow the steps to check your term dates, classes and move students into new classes.

1. Check your Term Dates.
If they need to be changed please contact us.

2. Check your 2020 classes.

  1. Go to Students>Classes, selecting the 2020 year.
  2. Make any changes to teachers in the classes by clicking on the class, and adding or removing School Teachers.
  3. Untick Active if the class is not going to be used in 2020.
  4. Add new classes by clicking New Classroom and adding the class and teacher details.
  5. If you have a new teacher, contact our iUgo team with their details and we will register them in your school.

3. Move Students from 2019 classes into your 2020 class.

  1. Click Students>Move 2019 Students to 2020.
  2. Select Year 2019 to Year 2020
  3. Select the 2019 classes that you want to move students from.
  4. Select the 2020 class you are moving the students to.
  5. Click on individual students to move them between years.
  6. You may find the Transfer all students button useful.

*Please note if your students appear grayed out then this is because they have already been added to another classroom. Tick the box Allow students to be in multiple classes to add them into your class.

4. Add new students to the school.

  1. Click Students>Add Multiple.
  2. Select the Class you wish to add students to.
  3. Add the student's First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Gender and Date of Birth. First Name and Last Name are the minimum required.
  4. Click Add Line to add another student.
  5. When you have completed adding students, select Save Students. Your students will display in the menu bar under the Students tab.

5. Create your 2020 Groups.
iUgo has already copied your 2019 group names into 2020. Click here to see how to add your students to your 2020 groups.