Select Planning>Plans 

  1. Find the original plan by selecting the Year and Term in which the old plan was last used on the All Plans page.  If you cannot remember when you last used the plan, select All and use the filter.


  2.  Open the original plan, click on the Blue Cog and select Copy Unit.


  3. Edit the Plan Title to reflect your new plan, adjust the time frame and select whether you want to copy just the unit plan, the unit and lesson plans or the unit, lessons and group plans. Click Copy Unit.
  4. Change the Plan Title.
  5. Select the  Timeframe.
  6. Choose if you would like to copy the Plan, the Plan and Lessons or the Plan, Lessons and Groups.
  7. Click Copy.

  8. This will copy your plan and open the Plan Setup. Make any relevant amendments. Click Save.