Click here to watch a short video on creating a Long Term Plan.

1. Click Planning>Long Term Planner from the menu at the top of the page.

2. Give the Long Term Plan a Title, select any Collaborators, and choose your Timeframe.

3. Click New Block+ to start adding your subject blocks and notes.

4. In your new block select the Event Type from the drop down menu. If the Event Type is used regularly at your school but not on the Event Type list you can add it by going to Event Types in the top menu.  If the Event Type is one that is personal to you then type it in Personal Event Type. Select your Term (if you have a multiple term long term plan). Select From Week and To Week and this will set your block time-frame.  Add a Description and you can also Add a Plan (you can link existing unit plans that you've created to the subject block). Click Save. 
5. Continue adding Blocks until you have built you Long Term Plan.