The Filebox is cloud-based storage for your digital teaching resources. You can store multiple formats and have them at your fingertips to add to plans as required.

Features of the Filebox

1. Store resources in your own personal Filebox or the School Filebox. The School Filebox allows resources to be uploaded, stored and shared across all iUgo users in a school

2. Organise your Filebox files into folders

3. Edit a specific folder

4. Search resource names or labels to find what you need quickly and easily. Search results will appear as soon as you start typing

5. Open the Label drop down list for an alphabetised list of all labels used in your Filebox

6. Upload resources with a wide variety of formats into your Filebox

7. Upload web links

8. Create online activities and plans (this area is still under development)

9. Open and close the list of folders in your Filebox. Click and drag files into folders as appropriate. 

10. View files by oldest, or most recently added.  

11. Edit, preview or delete a file