If you are a senior manager at your school, the curriculum coverage and planning of iUgo subscribers within your school can be reviewed at any time. If you do not already have an iUgo management log-on, contact one of our friendly team to set one up.

Once you have logged into iUgo, you can choose to review planning in numerous different ways using the teacher drop down list in each planning view. For example:

1. On the Plans screen, you can view a teacher's unit plans, filtering by date, learning area or plan name. Clicking into a specific unit plan will allow you to view the lessons attached to that unit.


2. To view lessons on a day to day basis, choose Daily Planner in the blue menu and select a teacher's name from the teacher drop down list. You can view the plan for any linked lesson by clicking on the plan title in the lesson border.


3. To check long term planning, choose Long Term Planner from the blue menu, select a teacher and time frame and then the relevant plan. If units and lessons have been linked to a long term planner entry, you can click into these to see planning at a deeper level.


4. To check curriculum coverage across a number of planning areas, choose Curriculum Coverage from the blue menu.  Select the time period, class and curriculum. Select the planning area from the Section drop down list. If the area you wish to view is not on the list, open the blue Cog, select Settings and tick the area you wish to review. (NB. Selecting Learning Outcomes allows you to review planning at a group or individual student level.)

Select the applicable learning areas and levels and click Show coverage.

Highlighted areas show what has appeared in teacher planning. You can filter the view to show only what has been covered or, what hasn't been covered.