Click here to watch a short video on creating Plans.

  1. Click Planning>Plans from the menu bar at the top of the page.
  2. To create a new plan, click New.

  3. Give your plan a Plan Title.
  4. Select the Plan Type (Unit or Inquiry).
  5. Select the Lesson View, either sequentially by lesson or day by day within a weekly view.
  6. Drag the continuum to select the term and week(s).
  7. Select Collaborate with (if you would like to share the unit with someone).
  8. Select the Class(es) you would like to include on this plan.
  9. Select the Learning Area(s).
  10. Select Level(s).
  11. If you have selected a day by day Lesson Template you will be able to select your Groups and their Levels.
  12. Click Save at the bottom of the page, which takes you to the Unit and Lesson Plan template. Work through the curriculum sections that apply to you, and ignore or hide those that do not. Some curriculum sections are click and build while others are free-flowing text fields. Your content is saved auto-magically when you click on the next curriculum section.
  13. In the Lesson Plan template (at the bottom of the Unit Plan), you can create and tailor your specific lessons, either day by day or sequentially, depending on what you chose at set up. You can plan for your class or groups, week by week and day by day.