iUgo has a number of features that streamline the planning process. One of those features that saves planning time is Copying lessons from group to group.

Often a lesson varies only slightly from group to group. Once you have planned for one group in iUgo, you can copy this plan to another group and tweak where necessary to make it relevant. To do this:

  • Complete a lesson plan for the first group.
  • Click the Blue Lesson Cog in first groups header and select Copy.
  • From the dropdown list in the pop-up box, choose the group you want to copy the lesson to and click Copy Lesson.

The lesson plan from the first group will appear for the new lesson. Make any changes necessary to make it relevant for this group.

Another copy feature that saves planning time is Copying Plans.

Inquiry or Unit Plans are often able to be used in another timeframe for another group of students with a little editing. To do this:

  • Open the Plan which you would like to copy.
  • Click the Blue Plan Cog on the top right of the Plan and select Copy.
  • You can select one of three options. Select Plan only to copy just the Unit or Inquiry Plan. Select Plan & lessons to copy the Unit or Inquiry Plan plus the detail of the lessons. Select Plan, lessons & classes/groups to copy the Plan, lesson and groups information.

In each of these selections you can edit the plan to add extra teachers or classes. You can also change the groups in each of the lessons.