At the bottom of the Unit/Inquiry Plan is the Lesson Plan template. You can create and tailor your specific lessons, either day by day or sequentially, depending on what you chose on the Unit Plan Setup page. You can plan for your class or groups, week by week and day by day.

You can use the Weekly Planner Reminders, Teacher Notes and Next Steps fields in any way that suits you. Many people use them in the following ways:

  • Weekly Planner Reminders – These notes will synchronise to your Weekly and Daily Planners. Many people use this field for notes or reminders relating to the scheduled event.
  • Learning Outcome – This 'click and build' field holds thousands of pre-written learning outcomes for mathematics and English, all filtered to the level of your plan and your groups. You can also add your own learning outcomes.
  • Teacher Notes – Write what you are going to do in the lesson and how you’re going to do it in this field. Many teachers choose to create their own templates within this field for things like reading or maths rotations.
  • Filebox Resources – If you have added resources to your Filebox, you can attach them to your lesson here.
  • Next Steps – When you have completed the lesson, you can write class/group/individual next steps in this field.

To hide a day in the Day by Day in a weekly view, click the Eye beside the weekday name. Click again to unhide.

You can also change the order in which your lessons appear by clicking the little grey arrows in the lesson or group headers.